Vietnamese Outreach Ministry

Hallelujah! I Praise The Lord!

 By: Nguyen Thi Tuyet Loan

I am a Vietnamese bride who was married to a Taiwanese man, I came to Taiwan in 2000, and I had two children with him. My marriage ended in 2009 with him, and from that time on, I felt that my life had no meaning, purpose and I had no direction and no path to take. I came back home and visited my family in Vietnam, I met a man there who I fell in love with. I hoping to move in and live with him, but my heart felt troubled because I couldn’t leave Taiwan, and my two children. I was full of sorrow, and did not know what decision to make. My spirit was down and I often had headaches, and was easily angered. I thought maybe if I end my life, everything will come to an end, but a miraculous thing happened. God sent me a Vietnamese sister in Christ who was like an angel to me. She told me that a doctor and medication is only a temporary cure for the emptiness and mental depression that I was going through. Only Jesus Christ have the power to fix my brokenness and heal my depression. In 12/12/2010, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I thank God every day that even though I am away from my home country, my heart feels the warmth, and love from my Savior of Jesus Christ. Sometime I feel weak and frustrated, but God was always there showing me his grace and love, and teaching how to resist the temptation from Satan. Now, I go to church every week, and join all the activities in the church. I desire to deepen my understanding of God and love him more.

Translaters : Jennifer Dinh & Benjamin Dinh